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Satisfaction Survery Results and Testimonials from other clients:

"Shawn is a wonderful, strong woman that has been kind and understanding of my situation; more than anyone else.”

“I feel very comfortable being myself with Shawn.”

“You seem to always be there for me.  You are the only person that I feel has not abandoned me, Shawn.”

“I really feel time I have with Shawn is really benefitting me I all aspects of my life and has really helped me heal.”

"Shawn is amazing. I have been to numerous therapists in the past but have quit because of discomfort. I have been seeing Shawn for the last 2 years and I feel great, almost new (getting there). I appreciate Shawn, her talent and warmth she gives at every visit. Visit her if you have the chance, you'll love her. I do."  

“I have come so far in the last year, and so much has changed for the good.”

So far, what has been most helpful or what have you liked the most about the therapy you are receiving? 

“Just being ale to express my feelings to someone who is not friends of family and getting a non-biased opinion.”

 “It is one of the most challenging things in my life and I am proud I have come so far with Shawn’s help.”  

“I love my therapist’s approach.  It really helps me.  And I feel my therapist is supportive and cares about me.” 

“The most helpful has been the listening.  I like how she is more like a friend.”’   


“The one on one talking that is too tough to talk about with family and friends.  She has been someone I trust 100%!”   

“I like that I don’t get judged by what I say.”   

“Helpful with family and other issues.”  

“Shawn’s way of listening to me and remembering what was said previously during our sessions.”   

“I really like the pace Shawn sets.  She lets me go at my own speed and knows when to really push me.”   

“She understands how I feel.”   

“Shawn notices things that I often miss in my behavior.  She gives advice that is useful in combating some of my nervous behaviors.”   

“She’s easy to talk to, wants to help; I’m able to talk about whatever I want.   

“EMDR helps a lot, and group therapy as well.”   

“I feel understood and respected.”   

“I like that I have someone else to talk to and I know it is just between us.”  

“Understanding of Shawn and her ability to read through the lines.”    

If you have participated in EMDR, please share your experience to possibly be shared with other clients who are considering it. 

“It’s interesting to me and hope to dive deeper into it eventually.”   

“It is something that I can use to remember and feel experiences from my life that I can try and better myself in the future.  It is peaceful and cathartic.”   

“Very powerful, sometimes I feel when doing EMDR we need a little more time.”   

“Very helpful in getting to the root of issues.”   

“I know that this is something that Shawn needs to push me to do.  She knows when to push more and when to let me take my time.  I really appreciate that.  I know that she’s here just for me.”   

“Feels weird at first but after awhile you can relax and really feel things.”   

“EMDR is very hard at times, but very worth it.  I believe you heal wounds a whole lot faster with EMDR.  It has taught me a lot of things.  (For instance) just to take care of myself with proper nutrition after a session of EMDR.”

“Interesting experience that led to the discovery of a lot of underlying feelings and memories.  Really good when you are ready to dig deeper and create some changes.”   

“It helps me think about my past and helps me come up with the source of my problem.”

Client Testimonials about Group Therapy

Recovery Group Flier (PDF — 1 MB)
“Group is a very good experience. It's very nice to work with individuals that all have the same goal in mind, which is to become healthier. It's also nice to have a safe place where different fears can be recognized and resolved. The best thing of all is you are able to make safe friends.”

”Being in a group with others can be the key to recharging my hope. Group has helped me in my healing. It has given me the opportunity to come out of hiding and share my secrets. It has made me see that there are other people out there with some of the same struggles and that I am not alone.”

“The thought of group therapy is terrifying, sharing your secrets with people you've never met or being in a room with strangers is enough of a turn off. With a lot of pushing I finally gave in. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Knowing there are people out there struggling with the same thing you are is so refreshing. Quickly the group becomes your go to lifeline. That room becomes your safe place. The others care about you. People who you only see once a week become an imprint on your life and heart. You meet people, friends, who change the way you look at your own past or life.”
“It's a very safe and controlled environment where people can come together and help one another through offering advice, sharing past experiences, role playing, and by practicing situations we are uncomfortable with in our everyday lives. Personally, it's helped me tons socializing with others, challenging my perception of myself, given me a voice and helped me to set boundaries.”

"Group for me has been a place to learn new healthy ways of living life. It is a safe place to practice what I have learned, knowing that I am not expected to do everything right the first time. This group is full of  people from all walks of life striving for the same goal; recovery. I have found a safe group of people who hold me accountable and encourage me to make the next right choice. I went in needing to know I was not alone in my struggles, and find the hope of knowing there is another way. I find support not only as we meet weekly, but what has surprised me most is that I have made some really great friends through this journey. What I have learned from these people has shown me that I can do this, and that the jouney is a lot more bearable when others are doing it with me."

"My experience with group therapy has been very helpful. Although I was hesitant to be vulnerable to a group of people I have found that the group is supportive and we work together to bring out the best in each other."

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